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   The shallow, clear waters of Key West’s backcountry and flats offer some of the best opportunities for saltwater sight fishing anywhere in the world. The flats and the shallow channels that snake between the hundreds of islands in the Gulf waters to the north and west of the Southernmost City are home to tarpon, permit, bonefish, pompano, snook, ladyfish, jacks, shark and barracuda – to name just a few of the popular species to target.  Just because its shallow water doesn’t mean the fish are small, oh, no!  Hooking — and landing a 100 lb. tarpon is not unusual.  These fish are large, fast and very strong.


   For both seasoned anglers and novices, this style of fishing promises the experience and challenge of a lifetime! You’re not just fishing; you’re on the hunt. You’ll be in total stealth mode as Capt. Mike poles a flat-bottomed skiff quietly along the flats, or over a basin of turtle grass, all eyes peeled for the ghostly shadow of the bonefish, the telltale ‘tailing’ of a permit, or the silvery glint of a tarpon on the move.


   The best of fly or spinning gear is available, depending on your experience and desire. And of course, Capt. Mike is very willing to teach those who are new to the sport. Whether you are seasoned saltwater fly angler or complete novice to the unique Florida Keys environment, the beauty and tranquility will astound you!

  Local knowledge, being born and raised in Key West, and the passion for the hunt and love for the enviorment never gets old.

   For those who are new to flats fishing, having an experienced guide is the only way to overcome the learning curve in a short period of time. Come to Key West and let Capt. Mike guide you to the experience of a lifetime!

Captain Mike Cyr

   Mike, a third generation Keys fisherman, has been fishing the water surrounding Key West and the Marquesas all of his life. Both sons, Jared and Brandon, are also flyfishing guides and all are guiding out of Ocean's Edge Resort.

Fishing for Beginners and Seasoned Anglers
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