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    One word describes shark fish - Amazing!  Casting top water lures in shallow water (2-3ft) often leads to a spectacular strike and total in the air chaos!  Anchoring or staking off up on the flat to chum these monsters, up close and personal, provides the most successful technique.  It's great fun watching them come roaring in as they track the chum trail.  Spin tackle will get the job done, but it is possible to trick them into eating a fly too. 



    Also known as Sea Tigers, are in my opinion the fastest fish on the flats and in the backcountry.  Fall through winter brings great numbers of bait into the backcountry from the reef and with them great numbers of barracuda.  We target these silver missiles with an assortment of top water lures, plugs and the most fun of all flies! With the proper presentation, you will soon be hooked up to one of the fastest fish in the ocean.  It is not uncommon to catch Cudas in the 20-30 pound range and for them to jump 10 feet in the air when hooked. They are reported to reach speeds of over 45 mph.



   Jacks are another one of the fun fish that are found on the flats and channels.  Sometimes they will be cruising along with stringrays and other times swimming with a big shark.  Shaped very similar to a permit, they fight just as hard.  Thankfully, they are not as wary as a Permit and are almost always willing to play. 



The Fun Fish!
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